Body Wrap

You choose from four differents scents and effects:

  • Shaping – Shapes me
  • Energizing – Wakes me
  • Relaxing – Relaxes me
  • Balancing – Balances me

The treatment starts with a salt scrub, then the body wrap of your choise, while wrapped up you recieve a facial spa and a luxurious footmassage. 75 min – 1450kr

Wellness bath


The treatment begins with a scrub. Then, you get into a bath of salts and oils. It has the same health benefits as a bath in a mineral-rich spring, but we can promise that you will be more comfortable with us. The bath is finished with a relaxing scalp massage. The treatment ends with a body oil customized for your skin.

45 min – 845 SEK

Babor Saltscrub

Body scrub with salts mixed with the oil of your choise, perfect before a trip, of a bath or massage. 

30  min – 650 SEK 

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